Admission & Scholarship test

Scholoarship test

BASE Group Colleges has decided to conduct a scholarship test for admissions 2019 in order to maintain quality education.

Frequently Asked Question / Terms & condition

Test Date

28 July, 2019 (Sunday) 

Who can apply?

Students having 900+ marks in SSC. 

What will be the reward?

Students will be awarded Laptops (First Position) and Tablets(2nd & 3rd Position), and Scholarships at Base College. 

Test Pattern/Subjects?

Test will be based on SSC level subjects including Physics, Maths, Biology/Computer, English, Chemistry  (Each Subject carrying 20 Marks)

Where i can get register for test?

You can get your self registered for the test at any campus of Base College. 

Is it Mandatory to take admission in Base college after selected for scholarship?

Yes, it is mandatory to take admission in Base college in order to avail the scholarship. 

Sample Paper

  • Sample Paper

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