principal Message

This is my privilege to be the founder this institution that will play a significant role in the upbringing of our future generation. I have been serving the cause of education for the last twenty years keeping the students my top priority. Base College is a purpose built building with all the facilities of modern world available, the serenity of the view, climate of the area and its location has an important role in becoming one of the most successful institutions in the country. Base College has peculiar qualities that will help the students design their future under Able dedicated and experienced staff.

Working with several successful institutions I still felt the need for improvement in the systems through which we teach and train our children, my discussion and brainstorming on all the positive aspects forced me to take the decision of accepting this challenge.

With all my sincerity and fervor I wish to work with the institution for imparting education to the builders of tomorrow, InshaAllah.

Zahid Iqbal